TOP conveying system

The TOP pneumatic conveying system is similar to the PLUS version but has one more feature that consent it to remove the ash from the stove with the insertion of this tool.

The system has many useful features:

The system has a main body with inside the vacuum engine, a dust collection basket, a control panel with the regolation of the pause/working time, operating led, on/off switch, 2 meter long power cord with safety fuse (10A), air filter and a second device (the filling system) to be placed on the main tank of the biomass stove (pellet, olive stone, shells, etc.).

The system also has a manual aspiration device with a tube (8 mt standard) to convey the biomass from the big bag, tank or other containers into the main tank of the stove placed until a distance of 15 mt and 5 mt height difference.

Watch the below video to understand how the system works . Enjoy it.

The price of the TOP system (optionals like CRAB or Fill Sensor excluded) is € 1.400 vat excluded. Please use the below form to contact us for more informations:

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