“Fill sensor” for pneumatic conveying system.

Refer: pneumatic transport for pellet, general biomass, etc…

This Fill Sensor is a tool for our PLUS and TOP pneumatic conveying system and it is useful for the automation of the whole system.

Fill sensor

Furthermore to avoid the presence of an operator in the aspiration zone it’s possible to add the CRAB tool.

The function of the Fill Sensor is to stop the whole system when the container of the biomass on the stove is full; that to avoid any possible problems like overcharge etc. Thanks to the sensor it is possible to avoid the physical presence of an operator in every work zone (necessary only to verify the correct working of the system).

The price of the sensor is € 60 vat excluded.

The “Fill Sensor” can be added only in our TOP and PLUS models.

Successivo BASIC conveying system