ESAA – conveying system for biomass

Borned at the start of 2021 the new DAFRA conveying system for biomass blanded.

The system is completely renewed under aesthetics aspect, presents a series of technical solutions that make it more performant and competitive respect the other solutions BASIC, plus and top.

ESAA is made in only one piece in which there is a botton part that work like a refill system and an upper one that conteins the vacuum motor. The system in this way is very efficient because in it is reduced the lost of charge durign the air passages in the components.

The total length of ESAA is only 700 mm and the weight is less than 10 kg, for this reason it is possible to set it on the tank of every type of BIOMASS stove. In the kit of the system there is a regolable bracket to mount it to different distance and height.

Another important characteristics is the regulation of aspiration flow and the charge level of the biomass, in fact now it is automatic then isn’t necessary to regulate nothing.

The used materials are metallics, for this all the components are strong and resistent and adapt for the use in every type of environment. We doesn’t use plastic components because the environments in which work generally this systems are cold and subject at many vibrations.

To complete the system you can put on it a level sensor control for the biomass in the stove tank and a “CRAB” to take the biomass from the top of the stock tank like BIG BAG. Beside, if you have a stock tank with a hole in the bottom part you can use the “deeper” device to take the biomass with a only one aspiration tube.

The cost of the product is very low for a system that permit you to use the BIOMASS like all the other combustibles. This system is a very revolution in the entire world of BIOMASS.

    Precedente Ash vacuuming system