Biomasses conveying systems

The Dafra srl offers 3 different models of pneumatic conveying system for biomasses (pellet, olive stone, shells, etc..)

The BASIC version offers a low level of automation but it’s very useful to avoid the fatigue to load manually the main tank of the stove, as a matter of fact with this system you don’t have to transport manually the heavy bags of pellets (or other biomasses). Let the BASIC system do it for you.

The PLUS version offers a manual or automatic level of functioning and it is equipped with a timer to set the daily/weekly working time. Furthermore it is possible to add to the system many optionals devices such as the “CRAB”, the “Fill Sensor” or the “Deeper” as to avoid any further manual intervention.

Last but not least the TOP version that has all the functions of the PLUS version but has one more feature that can tranform the device into an ash vacuuming system just by adding a specific kit (very useful to clean the stove burner).

As we all know the big difference between a Biomasses and a GAS/GPL stove lies in the necessary/frequent cleaning duties to remove the ash heaps in the burner area. With our kit it will be a fast and easy task.

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